Have Experts to Treat Blocked Drains West Bromwich

Blocked drains West Bromwich is a common issue that is faced by commercial and residential owners. It may lead to the problem of flooding and broken pipes. And when such kind of issues occur, the property owners don’t know whom to approach or what they should do.


The property owners have to face water-related problems at some point or the other. And the major reason for this is a blocked drain. It is a stressful situation and in order to try to deal with it, they start applying their own skills and strategies. But they hardly get the desired results. This is not only a wastage of time for them, but they make the situation worst. In case you ever face such kind of issue, then you can hire the professional drainage consultant West Bromwich from Action Drains. It is a reputed company offering great service at a reasonable price.


Reasons to Hire the expert drainage consultant for Blocked Drains West Bromwich


When there is an option to avoid the problem of blocked drains West Bromwich, then why don’t people opt for it. Hiring the experts for drainage service is a smart decision. The other reason to hire experts are as follows: 


  • The drainage experts are licensed professionals to offer the service. They have the right set of tools or equipment such as a CCTV drain camera, wire brush, high-pressure water jetting, drain cleaning eco-friendly chemicals, etc. to offer you a high level of drain cleaning services.
  • A drainage consultant West Bromwich is experienced in the field. They can quickly find the issue and solve the problem in no time. In case, the issue is much bigger than what it seems to be, they will make you aware of that and the time period in which the issue will be solved.
  • They will not only fix the issue but also help you in avoiding any kind of structural damage. When the experts are there by your side, you can easily sit back and relax. 
  • Offering high standard service at a reasonable price is what you can expect the professional drainage person to offer.
  • You can also hire them for other kinds of services too such as CCTV drain surveys, emergency drain clearance, drain tracing and testing, high-pressure drain jetting, pipe cleaning, sewer surveys, graffiti removal, and much more.


To hire the consultant for blocked drains West Bromwich, you can book your appointment with Action Drains. This company is reputed for offering a wide range of services, such as emergency drain clearance, industrial and commercial maintenance service, excavation and repair, etc.

Smart Tools a Drainage Consultant West Bromwich Uses to Clean Blocked Drains

Now you may ask why you should hire them for cleaning your drains. An experienced and expert drainage consultant West Bromwich uses special tools to clean your drain quickly.

Blocked drains and clogged pipes are normal problems but it’s frustrating when we are in a hurry, and we face such problems in our home. So, what is the solution? No need to brainstorm! We understand it’s very tough and time-consuming to clean a blocked drain by yourself.

You may not have any tools and ideas to do it yourself. You don’t need to worry as the drainage cleaning team from Action Drains Ltd is always ready to help you.

Are you curious to know how Drainage Consultant West Bromwich? Let’s know about the tools.

  1. Shower Drain Hair Catcher

This smart tool is often used for trapping hair that goes down the drain and creates a blockage. Do you want to know, how it is used? The plumbers place down the shower drain to a few inches. After a few days, it is lifted, and surprisingly all the hair will be removed together with the help of the drain catcher. Isn’t it a smart idea?

  1. Drain Snake

It is the most flexible tool for cleaning blocked drains. It is also known as a plumber’s snake. Drain Snake is a long tube-like tool that is used to push the things that block the pipe from the bottom. This tool picks up and removes the gunk that obstructs the flow of the water. The grip handle of this tool helps in holding the things that are blocking the pipe with the help of its wire.

  1. Plunger

This is a common drain cleaner that is used to suction and releases the waste particles in the drains for smooth water flow. A plunger is placed over the drain, and it is used for plunging the blockage down.

  1. Wire Brushes

Drainage consultant West Bromwich uses this tool to clean the wastes that are blocking the drain. Wire brushes are also used in blocked pipes. They work like toothbrushes to bring out the dirt. The drain cleaners use sap and hot water with it.

Summing Up

Save your time and act smart by hiring the drainage cleaning team of Action Drains Ltd. We ensure you get your blocked drains in West Bromwich cleaned smartly as soon as possible. Moreover, we are available at any time when you face a messy situation.

Why You Should Appoint a Drainage Consultant for Blocked Drains?

Why You Should Appoint a Drainage Consultant for Blocked Drains?

Clogged drains can be an annoying and real pain. Even a partial blockage can lead to slow draining that can quickly result in builds up in the pipes and completely blocked drains in West Bromwich.

Action Drains is a leading company that deals with this sort of issue every day. Handling blocked drains in West Bromwich by yourself can be tempting but it can do more harm than doing any good. DIYing the solutions can harm the entire plumbing system. Hiring a drainage consultant is one of the best solutions to deal with blocked drains in West Bromwich. 

Often homeowners ignore the symptoms of a blocked drain and consider them to be trivial. By the time, a homeowner notices the symptoms of clogged drains, such as slow draining or others, the problem has already taken a serious turn.

It might seem like a sudden problem but most of the time, the continuous build-up of minor issues worsens the situation. Soap scum, grease, food particles, and hairs create sticky build-up around the edges of the pipe and slowly leads to blockage. At times, it can take around months to aggravate the situation. Once the symptom becomes prominent, homeowners try to wash away the build-up with drain-clearing chemicals. This might look as if the issue has been resolved but the blockage is still there.

Once the loose debris is cleared out, the original sticky material remains behind that attracts more garbage and another blockage is on its way.

A professional pipe flushing method can resolve the issue. If it remains unattended the first time, it can increase the cost as over-the-counter drain unblocking chemicals do not come at a very affordable rate.

Other than the debris, there are different reasons behind a clogged up drain that requires immediate attention. No amount of chemicals or plunging can solve the issue.

 Action Drains uses high-pressure water jets to flush the debris through the pipes. Our drainage consultants in West Bromwich are Level 2 NVQ qualified who can work in confined spaces and have all been CRB checked. Hire our fully qualified engineers to solve your problem.

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